Terms and conditions

Terms of sale and charging of tickets for the "Lokrum Reserve" Public Institution

Purchase and charging of tickets through the online store of the "Lokrum Reserve" Public Institution (hereinafter: the website) is possible only for the "Lokrum Reserve" Public Institution (hereinafter: Reserve) with which the company RAO d.o.o. concluded a contract for the distribution and charging of tickets via the website.

In addition to these Terms of Sale of tickets for the Reserve, the privacy rules of the "Lokrum Reserve" Public Institution also apply via the website.

Types of tickets

Users can purchase standard types of tickets at the current price list determined by the Reserve through the website.

When buying tickets on the website, the User selects the type and quantity of tickets they want to buy.

The use of the purchased ticket is subject to the Conditions and manner of using the Reserve ticket, and the period of using the ticket is determined by the type of ticket purchased.

Issuing invoices

With the introduction of the Fiscalization Act, a ticket has no value of an invoice, so an invoice is issued with the purchased ticket.

The invoice and ticket will be sent to the registered email address of the User.

If the User requests an R1 invoice, the User must enter the data required for the issuance of an R1 invoice before confirming the order and payment. The User is responsible for the accuracy of all data entered during the purchase. Subsequent changes are not possible.

Print@home tickets – download and use

Print@home is a service for printing tickets purchased through the website (Print@home tickets).

Each Print@home ticket has a different (unique) 1D bar code printed.

One Print@home ticket with one 1D bar code is printed for each ticket.

Upon completing the purchase, the User must print the purchased Print@home ticket and have it with them when arriving at the Reserve. Exceptionally, in case of impossibility to print the Print@home ticket, the User can present it via a smartphone.

Subsequent printing of Print@home tickets at the Reserve's points of sale is not possible.

Upon arrival at the Reserve, the User is obliged to read the Print@home ticket on the devices for controlling the entrance to the Reserve or present the ticket to the Reserve employee in charge of managing the access to the Reserve to validate the Print@home ticket.

It is forbidden to copy, distribute, transfer, publish, or change the Print@home ticket!

If a duplicate Print@home ticket appears, the right of entry and ticket validity is exercised by the first person who reads such a Print@home ticket on the entrance control devices or presents it to the Reserve employee in charge of ticket control.

The User is responsible for printing and using the Print@home ticket, which they will receive at the registered email address after the purchase process via the website.

Reserve and RAO d.o.o. are not responsible in case of duplicate Print@home tickets and any other manner of misuse of issued, charged, and delivered Print@home tickets.

In the case of transferring a Print@home ticket from the User (buyer) to a third party, these Terms are transferred and applied to the respective holder of the respective ticket. The User is obliged to indicate to the person to whom they are transferring the ticket the provisions of these Terms.

For all additional information about the Reserve (opening hours, sights, events, etc.) and about the types and manner of using tickets, the User is hereby referred to the official website of the Reserve.

Cancellation and/or replacement of purchased tickets

All orders and purchases of tickets via the website are binding and final, and they cannot be canceled, changed, or topped up for another type of ticket.

Each Print@home ticket purchased through the website becomes valid after the purchase process is completed, i.e., the Purchase Confirmation is sent, and the invoice is issued.

If the Print@home ticket is not used, it is not possible to return it and get a refund.

Inquiries, complaints, and claims

Inquiries and requests for additional information regarding the website and inquiries, complaints, and claims regarding the use of purchased tickets of the "Lokrum Reserve" Public Institution are sent to email prodaja@lokrum.hr.

Inquiries, complaints, and claims regarding the operation of the website for the purchase and payment of tickets are sent to

the postal address: Od Bosanke 4, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia,

telephone on +385 20 311 738,

email: lokrum@lokrum.hr.

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